Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chasm Embrace

I can close my eyes.
Tangueras in Buenos Aires.
Close, warm, melting
Into my embrace.
But when my eyes close,
Where are you?
Our mind-embrace opens a chasm
My imagination cannot bridge.
I can fly in my mind or with a ticket.
Buenos Aires is not so far away.

But our embrace has Security Gates,
Stopping your left arm from holding me,
Your right hand, forearm pressing to mine,
Your forehead, your smell from entering
My being.

The security guards block your embrace,
Block your smile, your warmth.
I struggle to empty the sharp objects
In the pockets of my mind:
The reasons we cannot be together.
But the alarms go off,
And I miss my mind-flight.
The door closes. My flight leaves.
The sun comes up and blinds my view
Of the shining wings slowly turning away.

Terminal Eins, Frankfurt am Main.
I stand and watch. The embrace opens
The ocean between us,
filled with heart-tears.

Tonight in my kitchen
I will dance to di Sarli and wine.
The embrace will close tonight
As I hold you --
Close, warm, melting us together.
We dance in Argentina tonight.
Our milonguero mind-embrace
Holds you at least for a moment.

Mark Word, December 1, 2012

Photo:  Johann Stadlbauer, via milonga organizer Oskar Pankratz.  Location:  Sankt Valentin, Austria.
Pictured: Michaela Honeymoon y yo.

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