Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Tanda of Listening In

Listening In

Therapists listen to diagnose.
Parents listen to guide.
Friends listen to be present.
Lovers listen to be close.
But a soul listens in.

No matter what role -- friend, lover --
A soul listens in.

Tonight I hold her.
The music plays.
I listen in.

Her heart has so much to say.
It tells me why she's here tonight,
And where she'd like to go.
She tells me -- if I wait and listen in
Through a collage of mind-pictures.

Her life in wordless heart-dialogue
Paints itself on my listening-in-canvas.
The voices of her soul's language
Are like a singing whale I long to understand.

Still listening in and wanting to know.
The music leads us in a second song.
Then I see-in, feel-in, listen-into her heart.
Her soul speaks clearly now --
Not of where she has been
Or what she has seen and done
But where she is going from here:

We arrive at the eternal present.

Photo credit: Twin Flame

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