Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Hierarchy of Tango Needs

How does a tanguero or tanguera define basic survival and beyond?
                      Only if Abraham Maslow had known tangueras!
                      His Hierarchy  would be much different.

Maybe it is different from Abraham Maslow and many others who don't know what tangueras and tangueros know!  Below is the survival list I have learned from tangueras: it includes air, water, food, shelter, and sleep--and much more!  Modern psychology, even with the latest "truth" in empirical psychology, Attachment Theory and it corresponding typical negativity, "Attachment Disorder," really only poke at what it that we all need throughout life.  (See discussion following the poem below.)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Men: It's time for your "Coming Out"!

The closet of you inner child has to be
sound proof not to dance
By accident, I came across a man's sincere question on "Yahoo Answers":

"Why do so many women like to dance? What is so fun about it? ... Every answer I have found is, "It's fun." Well why is it fun? I am not trying to cut down dance in any way and am not being macho. I just want to understand why so many women like dancing .... In my experience few men like to dance.

"If someone can present me with statistics to the contrary, I will be happy to take back my remarks on the issue.... I am taking a dance class and embarrass myself there every time I attend. I know what it feels like to look like a fool..."


Please stop here and think about how would answer the man (Bucky) in a few sentences on a piece of paper.