Monday, March 4, 2013

Tango and Quantum Physics

Have you ever experienced a time warp while dancing?

Start Here:  With your own Spark
Bending time lately?  Acceleration of time is easy.  That happens to everyone dancing tango.  How about experiencing a century of bliss -- or so it seems -- in a minute or an hour?  What scientific experiment could we possibly do that would be more profound or more fun than slowing, stopping or reversing time?

Our human expressions of time often minimize the magic of each moment.  People often like to use clichés about time: "It seems like just yesterday," or "Life is short." How about saying, "It seems like a century ago when we first met"?  Why not be amazed at how many things have happened even just a moment ago?

Time Warp Experiment Directions:

Agree with someone who is present -- really present -- to try an experience in Time Warp.  Since expectancy (through human language) is clearly skewed towards acceleration of time, you will need someone who is is has the expectancy (open mind) for time to go slowly and maybe even stop or reverse.

Choose a person who is musical and present -- but more than with the music.  Choose someone who is with you as you are not as they would like you to be. Then, agree to slow down, stop or even reverse time.  Experience Quantum Physics or the Divine (however you would like to express your world view).

Since doing this time-warp experiment with a yoga-teacher tanguera and a tanguera who came up with the phrase, "Minutes in Eternity," I swear I have made a Quantum (Physics) Leap in my tango experience.  (Will my tango-epiphanies ever stop exponentially growing brighter?)

For those who feel as if they have experienced a time warp--cool.  Go find someone to measure the Time Warp's depth, intensity and duration, just so that you know for sure that you were not deluded by feelings.

For those who feel as if they have experienced the divine, I have a passage from the Holy Canyenge Scriptures (also known as the "The Tanguero's Bible"):

"One moment is as a thousand years in thy arms, and a thousand years, as one moment.  So shall it be for all those who touch the hem of the Divine, for those who dance with the soul they embrace."

-- Saint Mark* 


"Blessed are those who connect with their own divine nature and who dance with the Divine Spark within others for they will experience minutes of eternity on earth."
-- The Sermon on Mount Muse 

And from the non-dancers Bible:
II Peter: 3:8 (I did not make this up):
 "....With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day."

Experience with me Namastangó:  Divine sparks, dancing in tandem.

*The Saint Mark who dances with Angels

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