Sunday, April 24, 2016

What makes tango anti-social

Rejection, unlike fear, sadness and anger look
like physical pain in brain scans

Translations:  Romanian / German [pending]

lthough tango is called a social dance, too often certain community milongas are poor examples of social behavior. The solution requires an easy change in behavior for those dancers new to tango or those who have been dancing for years. When I hear people complaining about the asocial or even arguably anti-social milongas, they mention the character of people.  Character problems rarely are the problem.  The problem is shunning (acting as if certain people do not exist, as if they are invisible). The perpetrator usually does not know how damaging it is.  First, let's look at some modern research and see why it is so important not to shun for both those who do it and those who are being shunned: