Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tango's Two Essential Steps

Since we had little feet we have known
the essential steps of tango
Artist:  Diana Lee




Try it out this weekend! It's easy to remember:  Left and right.

Tango was much more difficult before humans developed the ability to walk on just two feet.  Because of your humanity, tango is the easiest dance to learn in the world.  It takes a lifetime to master, but left and right are pretty easy steps,  ¿sí o no?

I don't mean to brag, but I started doing essential tango steps while even in diapers.  Chances are, you did too.

Two other essential things:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sacred Silence at the Milonga

Link to German Translation

Imagine an evening of tango without any talking?  I do not have to imagine it anymore.  I experienced it last Sunday night in Heidelberg, Germany.

This post is NOT fiction, although it seems a bit surreal.

 Don Carlitos Tanzpalast in Heidelberg, Germany has a pleasant, happy atmosphere.  But it was different on last Sunday evening.  It seemed like the atmospheric pressure changed as I walked in.  The Sunday milonga is usually monthly, but this was a special milonga on a different Sunday than usual.  The email message made it clear that there would be only music and silence.  It scared a few people away perhaps.  All the better.  I was ready for this new experience.

I love the sound of music and people as I get near or enter a milonga.  I express myself in a social setting by enjoying conversation; so I am not against talking! I think there is a "music" to happy people talking.  However, there was a calm from the silence in the milonga's foyer which struck me with a déjà vu.  The nicely decorated room to change one's shoes, strangely reminded me of