Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Day After the Milonga at Work

Sleeping is a primal need. Dancing is a primal need.  We don't need to choose between them.  We need both.

Some will say sleep is more important, and it is.  But dance is also is a human need and a major marker that we are human and not apes (who don't dance spontaneously as humans do).  Dancing is a subcategory of the need to move, but a very important and unique need.

But here is the thing--one primal need, sleep, is too often being canceled out for the lesser need and desire of tango.    

So here are a few questions for you:  Are you still are going to late milongas? Ever heard of the circadian rhythm?  Sleep deprivation causing depression?  Poor memory?  Higher risks for multiple diseases?  Lower functioning of the immune system?  You probably have.  So if you said yes to all these questions, then no doubt you are gently influencing your favorite organizer to make their milonga earlier.  Right?  

My love of tango has brought great passion and joy to my life. But my late-night tango practice had me sleep-deprived for years.  I regret not seeing this earlier.  Poor sleep led to poor judgment in nearly all areas of my life.  I can see that now.  For example, when I started sleeping sensibly again, I noticed that I remembered tasks at work better.  I had better performance.  I remembered people's names.  I would remember passwords easily.  I had fewer colds.

So here are some things to consider for basic needs:  Air, water, food, sleep, and the need to move.  Don't hold your breath for days before the milonga or after dancing. Don't go without water before, during or after a milonga.  Eat to nourish your dancing body.  And finally: wake up about the need for sleep.  If you need to move, then dance!

Putting knowledge into practice is the next step.  Support the organizers who think early milongas are what dancers want and need.  But they need to hear your voice; so please speak up.  Or at least vote with your feet by going to any milonga that is earlier when there is a choice.  Your request for an early start, however, is not enough.  If the milonga starts at 7:30 pm goes until 2 in the morning, then no one will show up until 10.  7pm to 11pm provides a four-hour milonga.  Make it 5 hours max.  Your body will dance better for the rest of your life.  Yes, I know that some milongas go all day or maybe 7 hours in Buenos Aires.  Old traditions are responsible for good things and bad things.  It once was a tradition to smoke at milongas too. Someday and even now, milongas are happily early and well attended because unwise traditions are giving way to wisdom.  Help your favorite organizer make the switch.  It's time.

Photo Credit:  https://www.life-with-confidence.com/so-tired-reasons.html