Monday, June 25, 2012

When the music stops

During the music, it felt ask if she would never let me go.

When the Music Stops

When the music plays, she holds me near,
Our bodies freeze in a moment of embrace
As the music comes to an end.
But the dance is not over.
The moment I crave:
She breathes out.
We find a moment to pause,
And then, as if rehearsed, a unison release.
Then I look inside the windows to her soul.
I notice her mouth, the sweat on her brow.

But tonight she pushes me away, a surprise
So unlike how she held me, so close.
I felt her heart pounding, but now she escapes!
She smiles nervously as we wait for the next.
I listen for what she might say, as if it were:
"Why did I ever let you hold me?";
"Why did I let you come so close?"

The music starts again;
She melts into my arms again.
I am confused at first.
But now I know not to blame myself.
I intuit far too much -- communicated by touch.
Being present and listening, takes me too far inside.
I tell myself that my intuition is wrong,

Trying not to intrude into her interior design.
I let her abrupt push-away be okay.
For one woman it is the abuse she endured.
For another woman,
She feels the searing, watchful eyes of others.

The one in my arms tonight is a woman, fully a woman,

But only in my arms, and only when the music plays.
When the music starts again,
When musical permission allows,
When musical hypnotism give assent,
And then she melts into my arms.

Querida Tanguera,
When the music stays within you.
You will stay a little longer in my embrace.
Let out a sigh and breathe out.
You were brave to allow me close.
Now, add the period to this phrase:

An embrace of another human being
May be the most important thing you do all day


            Look into my eyes.

Photo Credit:  Alexander Zabara - 

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