Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't Let me Go!

She holds her father, wondering if it will be for the last time

Don't let me go!

The brother within me holds you at the airport.  

I may never see you again as I go off to war.
The father within me holds you at my last residence.  
I overheard you say I will soon be in a better place.
The child within me holds you in the street,
I fell down and your embrace takes away my pain.

Don't let me go...

The tanguero within me holds you at the milonga.
You are the only woman in the world.
I only have a moment in time with you;
So don't let me go; we are entwined to our core.
The tanguera-sister-mother-child within you,
Craves an embrace more you than may ever know.

Entwined to the core. 

A note about the father-daughter picture. I don't know how the above photo strikes you, but it really moves me. It is on a website about faith, and probably no one that has ever visited that website ever has danced tango. I know one thing, her father doesn't want the moment to stop anytime too soon. I did embrace my father. I wish I had done that more, at least one last time before I knew it would be the last. With my mother, I had that chance.


  1. For a moment I thought that the "above picture" was the one of a double helix, and it did strike the wrong chord with me, because it conjures up DNA but it is hasn't got the real double helix geometry of it. "Wrong way of entwining" :)

  2. My Hungarian Reader (Mockba) [what a blog you have!]: Thanks for the comment. That was confusing! The words were meant for the top picture, but ironically both are, in my opinion, the "right way" entwined. Maybe I don't understand ? I am not sure what you mean with the word "wrong." I added the last picture without realizing that the post script would be confusing. However, the top picture is entwining of arms and DNA, and my comment about my parents was the same. Although, one might argue that we do not entwine at that level with dance partners, look again! The human race and certain the universe keeps pointing to concentric eights -- even our feet in a graceful tango walk traces concentric eights! Servus! Mark

  3. <BLUSH> I'm a very minor contributor to the Hungarian blog, which has authors from many countries including Argentina, and which published entries in at least 8 languages. The Rio Wang premise is that the beauty of verses and images transcends cultural borders, and it has wonderful pages about tango and poetry and history of popular tunes, and I just wish I could make good on my promises to contribute more!

    The actual spiral of DNA is very different from the spirals of ochos in a very fundamental way (which makes it more like a shared-axis giro). The strands of DNA go in _opposite_ directions, not in parallel ones. Also (again like in a shared-axis turn, but not at all like in the picture here), there is a profound asymmetry in the entwining of the actual DNA strands, which have their "close and open sides of the embrace"


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