Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turning Around Tango's "Vertical Expression" Definition (poem)

Tango: The vertical expression of a horizontal desire. – Anonymous

Vertical Desire
Until I learned the power of tango, touch-in-movement,
My life was a safari led by pangs of passion-hunger.
The hunt was on.

But in tango, I found myself fulfilled ...
  by touch,
      by movement.

In tango – at the milonga – I am on a photo safari.
I capture only the moments of beauty,
And I put them in the Album of My Mind.
Tango has turned my world around,
No leader or follower but two followers
Intensely listening not only to the music
But to what the other hears in the music.

She takes me to places I have never been,
And she tells me I do the same with her.
Who's the leader when we are both following
The music?

Strange how even my moments of intimacy

Have been so transformed by tango.
My intimacy is a sharing of two souls,
Fulfilled by touch, by movement.
There is no leader but two followers
Led by the music of two souls in embrace,

And this sort of passion has become
The horizontal expression of a vertical desire:

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