Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Three Guests (poem)

Guests at the milonga thought
"Certainly they are lovers."
The way we looked at each other
In silence and nodded.
How I led her to the dance floor by her hand.
Then we had a knowing, silent stare.
I came closer and we leaned together,
Connecting, heart to heart as lovers do.
We looked at each others' hands together,
As my left and her right connected.
And as if this had been a perfectly timed ritual,
A new phrase in the music suddenly became
Our Movement.
Movement of two made one.
Certainly these two are lovers, danced for years together.
Later our legs entwined.

Our conversation was silent, not a word,
But loudly announced our passion.
We punctuated the music with slow steps and then fast.
Surely it was the favorite song of these lovers,
Danced a thousand times.
And then suddenly -- so it seemed to others –
We stopped. . .
Magically stopped with the music.
I led her back to her chair.
And the guests heard me say:
"Welcome to our milonga and our city!
It was wonderful dancing with you!"
Guests at the milonga thought
Certainly we were lovers.
And we were -- one tango at a time.

The Unknown Tango Theologian from Salado, Texas

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