Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Revolving Milonga Door

The counterclockwise churn of the milonga's revolving door


After years away...
She finds herself again at the door
Of a waterfall of sounds.  A tango pours
Out millions of moments before her eyes.
Tango may be latent, but would never die.
It burns still inside her. As she sits to hear
A familiar D'Arienzo, it brings back years...
When dance was a way of being
And being a way of dance.
When eyes closed, a way of seeing,
And seeing, a way of trance.

¡Volver!  It echoed in her soul.  ¡Volver!
¡Volver!  It echoes in my soul.  ¡Volver!

Her years of tango-silence are broken
With her nod to my request unspoken
To a dance that means everything to her.
Yet I, this night, had vowed to leave the lure
Of tango's echo in my soul, never to return
To the dance's counterclockwise churn,
And having nothing but dance to live for!
But soon I, too, am again at the door,
And I, too, hear the waterfall of sounds
Lifting me up from life's ups and downs.
It burns still inside me as I sit to hear
A familiar Biagi bring back the years...

For dance is a way of being,
And being a way of dance.
For dance is a way of seeing,
And seeing a way of trance.

Only a week of tango-silence is broken
With her nod to my request unspoken.
We give in to the dance -- its way of being.
We yield to touch and music for seeing.
We resign to the embraces we lacked.
Softly she assures me, "Welcome back.
This counterclockwise dance's floor,
Extends to the milonga's revolving door."

One of my favorite, cozy milongas in Germany: " Volver"
I'll see you at the door.

Photo Credit for the revolving door:  Karl Fruend.   


  1. It's lovely Mark !

    It is a joy to be reminded of tango
    This cold wet Winter weekend
    Which is milongaless, danceless
    Here in the Adelaide Hills in Oz....

    Bill in Oz

  2. Bill, it always throws me off to hear about winter in BsAs or Australia when it is summer here in Europe. Milongas are especially important in the winter. Calor humano. If I win the lottery, I will sponsor a few tangueras to your town. But it is up to you to keep them warm. -- Mark


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