Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tango Hands

One hand is yours,
One hand is mine.
We desire of harmonic synchrony,
A tandem hope in a world of chaos.

Our hearts pound together.
We listen for an internal beat,
Intertwined with the orchestra's,
The momentum of moments in music.
Marcela & Gavito:
Cathedral Door, apilado

Our bodies form a cathedral door's arch,
A human structure of holy communion,
Leading to a sanctuary of the Triunity
Of Music, Movement and Embrace.

We congregate to celebrate life,
Unafraid to embrace even a stranger,
In a world which vainly seeks connection,
Holding devices not hands or souls close.

She openly adores the divine with me.
We stand in awe of One made from two,
We do not pray that heaven soon come;
It has found us in this very moment.

Such is the tango prayer.

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Photo credit:
Hands http://www.davidsanger.com/stockimages/8-801-5804.tango
Apilado https://www.pinterest.com/pin/513762269961034151/ 


  1. What a lovely thought!

  2. Thank you Mark for this...
    Also love the photo of the tango temple.


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