Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Live Tango Music on a Grand Scale

Pan American Symphony

Just by chance, I was invited to a dinner to hear the Pan American Symphony near Washington D.C.  I was not expecting that much--to tell you the truth--but they were very good.  The bandoneonista from Uruguay was featured with a new tango he had composed, which had won a Latin Music Grammy award.  

It was a magical evening to hear live tango on such a grand scale.  What a shame not to be able to dance!

Luckily I sat in the back of the room and was able to get up and at least feel the music in my feet.  So here is a little taste of what I saw and heard.

For more information about the Pan American Symphony:

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  1. Nice! Too bad her heel got caught in the hem of her dress after the lift. It must have felt awful with the constant tugging with each step.


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