Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gift of Tango to an Old Man

Grant falls in love with tango.

When I took my car in to get it fixed, I met Grant, who had been working on my car.  After dozing in the waiting room with the recap of the royal wedding on the TV, Grant returned with my keys in his outstretched hand.  He reluctantly handed them back to me, and said, "What was that music in your car? I didn't want to get out of the car!"

At first, I thought he was referring to public radio and the Baroque music I had been listening to.  But then I realized that he had been working also on my CD player because the CD loader was sometimes sticking.  He described the haunting "accordion" music.  "Oh, that's a bandonión, a squeeze box with buttons, not the accordion," I explained.   "The music is tango,"  I said.

He followed me out to the car, as if he didn't really want me just to drive away.  I turned around and he was  still standing there.   "I will tell you who was playing if you'd like,"  I told him.

"That would be good," he said.

I turned on CD player in my car.  "The composer was from Uruguay, and that is a harmonica," I told him.  He got my email address, so I could send him the names of some good tangos to order.  He took the email, and started to walk away.  I realized that he might not even have email or a computer.

"Hey, Grant," I shouted.  He came back and I gave him the CD.

I cannot expect you to believe me, but it seemed like the man nearly cried for happiness.  I said, "Take this home and make love with your wife to this music."  He smiled.  "I will!"

Now, the gift of that CD just doubled.

Grant is not that much older than I.  I too am an "old man" -- in love with tango as if I had never heard it before each time it comes across my ears.

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