Monday, November 24, 2014

The Torment of a Dancer

The torment of a musician is that he strums out his heart so all can hear his soul.
The torment of an artist is that no one knows the water colors were from her tears.
The torment of a dancer is the horror of the cliff, merely the edge of the stage.
Then there is tango--a torment-less duet of music-that-is-dance, an embrace of two.

Meet the dancer


  1. Dear Tango Therapist, This blog video was especially touching as the Dancer was at the edge of the "cliff"~
    or what I call the abyss of life~ very theological r/t despair and hopelessness. Also,meaningful was the vibrant color red outfit she was wearing! =Death defying/passionate! Thank you for your blogs! Mimi

  2. I prefer avalanche when performed in stillness rather than painted by dance. The contrast between the almost motionless singer and the lyrics just like the contrast between the outward shell and inner complexity. But yes, tango seams a unison beyond torment for between dancing partners there is no distinction between the performer and the audience. They are painting on each other.


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