Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sometimes She Guides Me

Trust:  "Embraced movement while in the dark."

Sometimes she guides me
   by Mark Word

On the dance floor she closes her eyes.
She accompanies me in darkness,

Trusting that she is safe.
Sometimes she says that she felt
As if we had traveled far and wide,

Yet we had only gone a few meters.
Sometimes we have traveled far
But she was hypnotized 
By a simple walk and she felt
As if time and space had stopped.

But in life, sometimes I close my eyes,
And I accompany her in darkness,
Trusting in her wisdom and kindness.
Sometimes I look up,
And my goals are nearer
Because of her.
Sometimes space and time
Stop in her loving arms.

My tango with her is more than a dance.
It is the art of embracing life.

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