Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is your Floorcraft IQ?

He drives a lot better,
now that he's asking.

You may have never seen the above sign on a truck, but this is common in the US.  The sign on the back of the truck reads: "Tell me how I am driving" and then it lists a toll-free number.  

You can bet that the truck driver with that sign on his vehicle drives a lot better now.  Perhaps he used to be a bully, but now the toll-free number rings on his boss's desk.  Suddenly the driver he behaves very politely on the road.

How do you like my driving?
Imagine having signs on the men's backs at a milonga like this -- but don't do this.   Could you imagine the floorcraft improvement if we had how-am-I-driving signs on everyone's backs?   At the end of the night each tanguero would receive some advice from the others.   Again, DO NOT do this.  You might have fights, hard feelings and demotivate a bunch of tangueros!  But mentally every tanguero should be thinking about how other might rate them.

Imagine how other men and women might answer the below questionnaire.

Floorcraft Intelligence Quotient (FIQ)

On a scale of one to five, how was tanguero #?? in the following.
No extra credit for playing
bumper cars!

5 = very true  
4= mostly true     
3=sometimes true     
2= Often not the case.  
1= Not the case at all.

You would answer "0" if you did not experience a particular thing.

The best possible score is 5 points for each item, multiplied by by the number of items answered x 2 =  TIQ.

  1. He enters the dance floor, leading the woman in a safe way (not led by her).
  2. He kept with the flow of the dancers in front of him (not a "rock in the stream").
  3. He danced near to me but without tailgating.
  4. Never backed up into me -- and no close calls either).
  5. Never bumped me or my partner -- or even came close to bumping.
  6. Never ran his tanguera into me or my partner.
  7. Stayed in a lane one or two but when it was crowded; never changed back and forth.
  8. Appears to have his number one job as protecting his dance partner.
  9. He can dance very well in a small place on the crowded dance floor.
  10. If there is a mishap, he is pleasant and apologetic even if it is not his fault.
Extra credit info:
My best advice to this tanguero to help him and others enjoy tango in this milonga is:

Examples (write in or circle below):
1. Ask men you like to be frank to you about your floorcraft.
2. Keep up the good work.  I like dancing near you!
3. You are a great dancer, but please lead the way with your floor craft as well as your great dancing.

Photo Credit:

Tangueros with signs:  Washington DC milonga "Cococabana."  José, Ruth, Mark and Deborah.


  1. Every time someone who are in the floor ,I try to suggest my leader try to avoid dancing near him .
    How big floor is,doesn't matter even huge floor not many dancers.....he definitely bump with someone.
    I think he has psychological problems....
    Most people who are bumping each other always seems the same people..Of course there are no eyes on his back but considerate good driver never hit .
    Sometime I need to protect my leader :) we need to take care each other

  2. Hi "Anonymous": Women have saved my life from me with low FIQ's! Thanks! :-)

  3. As you said, good to think about but not do.

  4. @ Atangodancer: This is the path of many fantasies. They are "good to think about but not do." :-)


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