Thursday, June 9, 2011

Simplicity in not Complicated

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

This poem for some reason came out in Spanish first.  Translation in to English follows by the cheapest translator I could find -- me.  The original is below in Spanish.

Simplicity is not Complicated

The milonga, yes, is as life goes.
In life I look for explanations for everything,
But life is so simple that I do not find
The answers to all my questions.
Tango knocks on our hearts,
And your embrace as we walk
Changes into a a path of light
Which leads me to the truth:
The milonga, yes, is as life goes:
Connection, whether spiritual
Or through your embrace
Contains all the profundities of simplicity.

La Sencillez no es Complicada
        por Mark Word
La milonga, sí, es como la vida.
En la vida busco explicaciones para todo,
Pero la vida es tan sencilla que no encuentro
Las respuestas a todas las preguntas mías.
El tango toca a la puerta de nuestro corazón,
Y tu abrazo mientras caminamos
Se transforma en un sendero de luz
Que me lleva a la verdad.
La milonga, sí, es como la vida:
Una conección, sea espiritual o a travez del abrazo
Contiene todas las profundidades de la sencillez.

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