Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dance Shoes and Roller Skates

Dance Shoes and Roller Skates

When I arrive at the dance tonight,
I hope that you are not there yet.
I hope for a slow tango to be playing.
I need to prepare, breathe, slow things down.

I have learned a lot since being a kid.
I would put on my skates.
I could not wait
To fly on wheels again.
Each time in my excitement
I was forced to roll into the restroom.
What a challenge that was!
I thought I'd never learn.

But I am getting better.

Now, I have a new pair of skates,
   my dance shoes.
My heart flutters.
I want to fly again!
I try to get there before you do.
I hope in vain for a tango I don't like.
Yet if you are there,
And especially a milonga is playing.
I fumble to put on my new skates.

Then we fly together.
Nothing has really changed,
Except rolling into the restroom.

Photo credit:  the Kentucky Historical Society


  1. I have to agree about flying about during a milonga, especially a really fast one. What a rush!!

  2. @Eileen: Now get a tanguero-scientist that will attempt to create a milonga that actually feels slow although it is fast. Consider it a scientific experiment with quantum physics and time stretching. :-)


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