Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tango you can Inject $25

Secret ingredients from Buenos Aires                                        Photo M.Word 

Okay, so I was stupid.  I couldn't go to the milonga last night, so I bought this product:

Tango Solution
100% guarantee:

  • Increases a feeling of elation as if you were around friends.
  • Increases awareness of fine music.
  • Connects you to your primal being, the only mammal that moves to music.
  • Provides a feeling as if you had been hugged by lots of friends.
  • Feelings of mastery of life may result after only three injections.
  • Decreases and often eliminates depression.
The package said that the ingredients came from an actual Milonga snack and water table in Buenos Aires. Also the the makers claimed that real milongueros stood around and blessed the water with lots of laughter and social interaction at a milonga.  The solution was mixed by placing it right next to the speakers that played a wide variety of authentic tango music.

I am too embarrassed to ask for my money back.  What was I thinking?  In my own defense, it was only an experiment to see if I could inject tango.

Nope.  Only tango at a milonga works.

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