Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Airplane Ride and the Tango Ride

Air travel, tango (and sex) all have three critically elements in common:  The takeoff, the ride and the landing.  Sure, the ride should be enjoyable and not too bumpy, but the take off and landing are essential.

The flight to heaven is about to begin...

Seats and tray tables are in the upright position

During the cortina the DJ Tower is signaling to pay attention throughout the milonga's table and dance area. The "runway" should be clear so others can catch the eye of other "passengers." Chatty friends should respect that others are sitting up and looking for a chance to fly the Friendly Skies of United.  I find it strange that those not putting their seats and posture in the "upright position" sometimes complain that they keep missing the flight.

Listen to the "Control Tower"
Sometime the roar of the crowd makes it hard to hear the commands from the DJ Tower at takeoff. Talk all you want, but not over the music, and please, please--not while dancing. Even if there is a lot of chatter before takeoff, the landing needs absolute silence between dancers.  No one will die with a bad landing caused by the distraction of chatter, but I love the smooth tandem work of a good landing.

Now that you have landed...
Don't take off your seat belt until the DJ pilot turns of the seatbelt sign.  It's not often but it is weird when your flight partner is already up and taking the luggage out of the storage bin and the pilot has not turned off the seat belt sign.  Perhaps you just landed in Nirvana?  Give a sigh.  Be happy about the miracle of dance.

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