Monday, April 6, 2020

Will we ever dance again?


We Will Dance Again

Alone with no dancing in sight,
How many long to dance again?
No time for dance as we hide
From a virus that has found
Its way into our bodies and lives.

I try to feel dance in my body,
And I find it in my hands.
I feel your right hand in mine.
I feel your back and hold you closer.
I smell your favorite perfume
Mixed with mine--the smell of you.
I hear the music moving us as one.
I feel your chest against mine,
Each nuance of the music
Translated by two hearts.
I feel our feet on the world, dancing.
On this planet, spinning towards
A twilight predicted by all...
This speck of dirt and water--
Eventually again in the cosmic womb,
And then another Big-Bang Beginning.
In a New Time dance will reappear.
It cannot hide forever.
Once again music, joy, happiness and love
Will make souls dance in a new age.
Sooner or later, perhaps later than soon,
Even we can live this new age in our own time,
And we will dance again.

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