Friday, January 31, 2020

Musicality: More than a dance class

"Musicality is not a learned skill.
It's a natural skill that you

Anonymous musician

You dance tango.  Nearly everyone, but certainly you were born to be musical.  That is part of what it means to be human for you and every dancer. Watch children dance without a single worry about who is watching. That's uncovered musicality before your eys. No lessons. No coaching. Just uncovering with is naturally there.

Musical expression is truly an essential part of being human until we are shamed or told not to "dance around so much" by parents or teachers. Then, here come the blocks to our natural expression!  So, the work of getting through the blocks is a psychological and spiritual quest more than merely a dance or music skill to be learned.  Knowing this fact allows you to relax and let nature take its course.

The reason you love tango, I believe, is because of your inner self who pushed you to start this dance and your desires to embody and express the music which your inner self hears.  More than just a desire for a new hobby--the inner self is driven to express itself musically.

So as vague and huge as the task of expressing yourself musically appears to be, musicality is the center of why you dance.  The quest is to uncover and unblock. Also, you can think of musicality as a drive. Think about other drives.  You are driven to breathe, drink, eat, find shelter. Put on music and you are driven to move, even if your musicality drive has been stamped on and has dwindled down to merely tapping your feet.  Musicality is a drive to be you.

So as a start and especially while alone . . . listen to the silence, then put on the music, then feel it in your body and soul. Let it go. Be the music. Add the "E" to "Motion" and see how musicality pours out of your dance. This expression is who you truly are.

Part II:
More about a word I used above-- the Quest--and how to consciously begin this quest in the next post.  On the Quest of a lifetime, all drives must be channeled.  Let's talk about this.  Please comment below.

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Honorable mention: Regarding adding E to Motion, please see Aydan's wonderful post on this,

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