Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vitamin T

This is not a drug.

This is Vitamin T that you savor on your tongue, like no other vitamin.

Vitamin T is a complex vitamin, like "B complex."  Vitamin B complex includes 8 elements.  Vitamin T includes many more, but the basic three soul-nutrients are:
  • A warm hug,
  • The joy of bodily movement in dance, and
  • The power of music to move one's soul. 
Take daily.  Even while cooking or going for a walk.  For an enhanced effect, take it with a partner.
Multiply its efficacy with a partner is further enhanced tenfold by taking it with a friendly community of dancers.

Love your family, do your work and then make friends that take Vitamin T. 

Federal Drug Administration Warnings:
The FDA is considering giving fines to those who call Vitamin T an addictive drug. Research has clearly shown that this nutrient for the soul is also a positive behavior.  Holding babies, washing one's hands and taking Vitamin T can become compulsive for some but never a true addiction. Tell your friends not to say Vitamin T is a drug. They might get in trouble with the FDA.

Troubles and Toxins
One day when you have a moment of trouble with your dancing, a plateau in your progress, a breakup with a tango partner, or perhaps a moment of being "fed up" with a particular toxic, gossipy group, perhaps you just might walk away from a very wonderful thing, this thing called "tango," saying you were cured.  But you were not cured because you were not addicted.  Can someone be cured of a warm hug?  The joy of dance movement? The power of music to move one's soul?  That was not a cure!  It was a tragic end to a connection to something that touched the very center of your humanity.  

Detox Instructions:
You can "detox" from gossipy groups.  You can work harder to break the talent plateau, but you cannot detox from a soul-nutrient.

Take your vitamins.

Don't forget T.

It is not that complex.

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