Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Through time until timelessness

The child within me holds you in the street,
I fell down and your embrace takes away my pain.

The friend within me holds you at the airport.
I may never see you again as I go off to war.

The tanguero within me holds you at the milonga.
We embrace the moment, touching the hem of timelessness.

he lover in within me knows you as my last.
Hold me because your arms can say "I love you" best.

The old man within reaches out to you, maybe one last?  
I overheard you say I will soon be in a better place.

Hold me tight; don't let me go...

We have this forever-moment within our grasp.
We are entwined to our core in this infinite moment.

The child-friend-tanguero-lover within me
Craves an embrace more than you may ever know.

Photo credit:  http://luvforluv.blogspot.de/2012_04_01_archive.html

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