Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tango: Better than Sex?


Is there even a question here?  Isn't it obvious?

Human need through normal sexual desire brings children into the world through the power of sexual attraction.

Yet sex is empty by itself.

Tango includes much more than "just sex" can.  Tango is clearly second to the wonderful mixture of a loving partner and a healthy sexual relationship.  ("Healthy" being a relationship that is similar to a healthy human body--a body capable of living on without dying soon and fully of happy hormones.)

As powerful and as wonderful as having a loving relationship, even with the perfect partner, one can lose this partner and
sexual desire can wane.  Yet, the deep connection of friends, music, dance, and loving community can easily eclipse the frailty of a loss of a love partner.  A embracing community is often more stable in a person's life over a lifetime than most partners--not always but often.  The person who knows how to link to communities now can rely on organizations that can outlive many generations--organizations such as clubs, religious groups, and groups close of friends.  My guess is that a healthy tango community will probably be more fulfilling than any of these.

Clearly there are more powerful needs than to merely procreate.   And that is why Tango is an outward expression that is more powerful than sex by itself.
  • Babies and elderly die without caring touch. Normal adults need it too!  Death from a lack of touch, eye contact and social interaction is called in the medical profession "failure to thrive."  The need for human touch is more primal than sex because it is operative from cradle to grave.  Sex is not as primal as the need for touch, eye contact and social interaction.
  • When forced to stay still, motionless, human beings slowly go crazy.  We need to move.  Movement to music is even better, an expression of freedom and joy.
  • A bird "sings" only a message of warning or longing for a mate.  The human song is unique and we are driven as a species to sing and make instruments.
  • We need to dance as one of the unique things about our species. (Perhaps even musicians are dancers...fingers dancing on keyboards, fretboards and mallets on drums.)  Dancing is primal.
Tango combines all these--and many more--powerful needs.

Tango is more than a dance.  Better than sex.

Now, what if you love your partner, you love tango with that partner AND have wonderful (mind-blowing) sex?  . . . Well, then, those angels who do not dance tango in heaven are having less fun than you are.  :-)

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  1. Paraphrasing an old Russian sooth: Loves comes and goes, but one always wants to tango.


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