Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dancing with a Porcupine

I am a porcupine, some have said.
At the milonga, I go where I want.
The bear tangueros leave me alone.
The prowling tigers choose their prey.
The hyenas circle, laughing at imperfect moves.
I walk them by, taking her by the hand.
We needn't give them a thought.
I am the porcupine!

I am not vulnerable to their glaring eyes.
The bear would not dance with her lower level;
The tiger would not prey on one so old.
The hyena waits for the day her technique betters.
But the Porcupine takes her by the arm, entering before her
Into the dangers of the dry swirling stream.

In the current of the room, we dance a vulnerable dance.
I am impervious to my wild friends' growls,
So I can be fully present, vulnerable to her.
I have no spines on my chest.
She melts more than close to me:
Through me, into me, a part of me.  Apilado.
Her face touches mine; I smell her essence.
I am fully open -- vulnerable with her.
She knows how the music moves me,
Revealing who I really am.
My soul has no spines.
I cannot hurt others but feel their hurts instead.

Sometimes I see a bear, tiger and even a hyena
Become a porcupine too.

Deep down they all wish to be ...
Vulnerable but impervious too.

Photo Credit link.

I asked my favorite milonguera if she would allow me to share a picture of her.  Ella es tan adorable.  ¿No?

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