Saturday, March 3, 2012

When Time Stops

When the hourglass lies down, infinity starts.

Ochos Atrás and Infinity

I drew hourglasses with her feet,
And traced our DNA with my feet behind her.
Our canvass was a creaking-voiced dance floor.
From my mental picture, the hourglasses
Contain sand on each side – the past the present.
Then we entered the portal of timelessness.
We were still, waiting for our next move.
When time stopped – past left, future, right.

Time, laid on its side draws infinity’s sign,
The lazy eight which God only understands.
The Biagi background helps me enter
A timeless trance, where each beat
Penetrates the notion of the finite.
Each time we dance we have defied time
And entered the infinite with ochos atrás,
We have painted our symbols of the infinite,
And playfully put time to rest.

The graceful walk traces this, the sign of life.

Photo credits:
Hourglass in the heavens from National Geographic
DNA photo is a Windows 7 background

*Ochos atrás means literally "back eights," a common figure in tango argentino.

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