Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healing touch and music

nice thing about tango over blues is that one of my PTSD clients cannot easily listen to music because it makes him want to drink really bad.  His "homework" this weekend was to go out and buy Mozart and/or Bach.  We played some tango because that is all that I have on my computer and he loved it.  So I will give him a CD the next time I see him.  All the music he will hear now will be to off-set his feeling now that all of humanity is corrupt and worthless.  One cannot talk a depressed person out of this perception because they have more data than any positive person could ever come up to counterbalance their belief.  So I told him about Mozart.  When I listen to tango or Mozart or Bach or Bethoven and others, I FEEL as if the world is as beautiful as a pristine waterfall into blue warm waters near Laguna Arenál.

Tango is not special in some ways I think it is better than blues.  Blues dancers find the touch, the movement, the music very "healing."  Please listen to the NPR radio broadcast about the blues being healing.  I got this link from fellow tango blogger and dear friend, Mari.  However, tango for North Americans is a type of music that just has fallen out of the sky.  You have a clean slate.  Also, the music blues can sing your life's song too much!   Even though I speak Spanish, rarely do I pick up much from the vocals while dancing.  I have to stop and wade through what someone has transliterated or translated from the lyrics.  Sometimes I wish I didn't know the lyrics after I read about some terrible tragedy that is lamented with a rich, tenor voice.

I have a combat vet right now who no longer listens to any music.  I found this out after I had suggested that he needed to listen to Mozart or Bach.  Lukily he once had two dogs named Mozart and Bach, so it will be like getting his dogs back!  Establishing his "safe place" has been difficult.  He arrives there but then it clouds over. 

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