Sunday, February 20, 2011

Theory of Relativity and Tango

The Theory of Relativity and Tango

If Einstein had danced tango, his theories of relativity would have been substantially changed.

According to the Theory of Relativity, IF a train could go the speed of light, time would be altered by the time it stopped at its next station.  But who goes the speed of light?

Tangueros do.  Or at least time is altered during a wonderful tanda or milonga.

If you are reading this blog, I am certain that you have experienced time going SLOW when you are having fun.  Maybe it even stopped?  My theory is that a milonga is the only place on earth where this happens socially.  Meditation brings people to this space individually or in a perhaps in a monastery collectively, but not via social interaction.

I did an Internet search on "time goes slow when you are having fun" and the entries all agreed that time goes FAST when we are having fun.  Not with tango.  Centuries pass during a tanda.  I sense an exchange of information, soul-to-soul that allows me to go places I have never been.  I have visited countries I have never seen, walked on paths new to me, climbed mountains, newly discovered.  Centuries later, the music stops, and I am holding the only woman I have ever known.  She hooks her arm around mine and time resumes at it's normal pace.  I escort her to the tables, where Albert Einstein is sitting, smiling as he sips his Merlot.  He is taking a few notes.

Dear Readers, leave a comment.  Help me validate that tango is actually doing the opposite of the norm (time going fast when you are having fun)  -- at least at times and under certain conditions.

Part two of this article will give some ideas of when and why time can slow or stop during tango.  But I would like to hear your ideas!


  1. While dancing a wonderful tanda, nothing else exists except the music, the floor and my partner (at least from this follower's point of view, which is mostly blackness since my eyes are closed.)

  2. @Eileen: In the tanguera's role, some (not all) close their eyes. But do you experience the slowing of time in this space? I think so! The next post deals with finding this space more often, even for those who leave their eyes open. :-)


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