Thursday, January 27, 2011

Infinite Space to Dance (poem)

Infinite Space to Dance
It is bigger than the universe,
Just as near. Just as far.
I understand love best when you are near,
But recognize it better when you are far.
I feel it best when you are present
But awaken to its meaning when you leave.

Love soothes my hurts, vanquishes my fears,
Yet its loss is my highest fear.
Love is trite and shallow, some might say.
Are not all profound things treated this way?

I once imagined a love for just one,
Yet love has visited in tandas, chapters in my life.
Shall I lament that we both have had more than one
Intimate, deep, tender and caring love chapter?
Only in dance have I understood this as success.
Is it a failure to be fully with the one in your arms?

Will you come explore and search for love?
It starts nearest to you, your own heart.
Maybe I will be one of the many planets,
Among stars and galaxies in your universe of love.
Then we'll have infinite space to dance.

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