Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can You Know? (poem)

Can you know if you will hold me again,
Or will it stay a mystery?
Do you know if you will hold me again,
Or if it will be in our history?
Life gives us what we most need
And then takes it back again.
That is not cruel but just how life leads.

I know I have promised you,
That I will hold you again,
But can I know if you will hold me too?
Will your heart escort your arms?
These things I cannot know.
That is not cruel but just how life leads.

For now we have two songs to go.
This tanda may be our last on earth,

So hold me as if I were the only man left,
I will hold you as if you were my last love.
That's the wisdom and wonder of our dance--
We embrace life by embracing each other.

That's is just life and how our script reads.
That is not cruel, but just how life leads.

M Thomas Word

Note:  This is in fact a tango poem.  The music I wrote to this is paradoxically a bossa nova.


  1. can anyone really "know" ?

    the uncertainty makes the now more beautiful

    "God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” ~~ J.M. Barrie
    (remember that last embrace)

  2. @VZ: I wish that anyone reading your comment could see how you honor every man with whom you dance. More than any woman I know, you dance with everyone I have watched you dance as if he were "the one." And of course, I feel that way in your presence. We all could learn a lot from you.


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