Monday, May 31, 2010

Her Shoes at My Door

Her Shoes at my Door

She forgot her shoes at the milonga.
I agreed to take them to her the next day,
But this morning I saw them waiting at my door
And I lost my senses for a moment.
"Maybe I could keep them," I told myself.
"They look good at my door,"
I thought.

I reluctantly decided to give them back.
So I drove by and dropped them off.
"Shoe delivery!"
I said.

She, her husband, the dogs, the cat and I
Talked for a while.
But my mind wandered for a while
Back to the shoes by my door, my mind
Wandered to a pretend world, a woman in my life.
She was upstairs watching a tango video,
Telling me to come upstairs
To see.

She just took a shower.
I felt her presence, good to have her here.
I was fooling myself that I could live without her,
That I could live without a companion.

Yes, I was fooling myself.
I had to give the shoes back.
No woman upstairs,
No woman freshly out of the shower,
Talking to her dog, as if he understood,
Swooning over a tango film clip
On the computer screen.

My shoes sit now alone at the door.
I wonder if they are angry at me.
Her shoes told me more about myself
Than I was ready for this morning.

The novel woman,
With her shoes at my door
Was a fiction written
Just for me.
By a lonely heart.

by Mark Word
31 May 2010

Photo credit:
"Los Zapatos Abandonados,"
Sybille Word
18 Jan 2017


  1. so beautiful, Mark. It sounds like a tango. It's surprising what brings those moments of the duende to the surface. To me it feels like the point, but occasionally also, weight of tango.

  2. Did you write that? Oh so gorgeous....BP

  3. Queridas BP y Mari... Thanks for your comments. Of course I wrote this, Señorita BP! Wonder if you recognize the shoes. ;-) Another tanguera that wrote me an email suggested that it would make great tango lyrics (Mari too). Well, maybe I can convert this to Spanish, make the words more lyrical, and give them to Austin's Piazzolla Quintet for a melancholic tango. A ver que pasará.

  4. No creo que el poema puede ser más hermoso - incluso en español. :)

  5. How about a Tango with English words so English speakers can be moved by the words as well as with the music? Eileen


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