Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Tango: Is your tango sustainable?

Is your tango sustainable?

"Green-Tango," is taking care of yourself and having a tango community that will last.  "Red-Tango" is a live-for-the-moment tango whether for oneself, for just one couple dancing dangerously or even a community which does not concern itself with being sustainable.  That's red.  What's green?  Sustainable, lifetime enjoyment of the pure enjoyment of tango.

Shoes for Green-Tango
Tango shoes for women can cripple a woman over time.  That's their choice, but not all are going to play that game.  Green-Tango is devoted to comfortable shoes for women, who presently are harming their feet and bodies (with the shoes I so adore).

Immune-System Green-Tango

Tango is usually at night and lasts late into the night.  Does it always have to be that way?  Green tango communities have at least some milongas that are early.  Just sometimes we need to get a good sleep, necessary for healthy bodies which we need to dance tango in our 90's and beyond.  A person who does not sleep enough is hurting many things, but the most important is their immune system.

Safety is social, and social is green: 
Green is old, old tango culture, and it is too often forgotten with new generations, who focus on the thrill of cool moves and the nightlife, but safety is a philosophic pillar of Green-Tango.  A code of ethics of safe dancing is a necessary part of a green tango community.  Sorry, O Thou Tango Teacher, but all that energy spent on teaching volcadas, and every other kind of "-ada" needs at least a 10% tithe to the danger of such things -- especially to the most common victims:  Women, their backs, their bare legs and their exposed feet.

Green Ears
Music that is not at ear level to blast in one's ear on one side of the room.  I always wore hearing protection as a professional drummer.  Always.  Many of my musician friends now have serious hearing loss.  Yes, there is Green Music and Red Music.  The Red Musicians eventually become the No Music musicians.

Green Tango is part of evolution
Old stuff and new stuff together.  Sustainable tango is the dance you dance all of your life because you can.


  1. Bravo! And I hope everyone's tango is sustainable. A green life here in Buenos Aires so far is just not possible. But I pray for enlightenment of the public and the government.

    But I don't agree that wearing high heels to dance ruins the feet. Many women come to tango after a lifetime of wearing high heels to work and to play, and so already have bunions and other foot problems. If the high heels are used only to dance (and one doesn't dance 14 hours a day unless a stage dancer), then it's sustainable.

  2. Hola Tanocherie... Okay, I know I am going to get in trouble for talking about shoes, but please know that I worry about mis tangueras. Also, I'd like you to be aware that there are men out there who want to be dancing with you in your 90's. How many decades will you be dancing by your 90's? You'll be so awesome. So if the shoes you wear are not hurting you, then they are truly green. I hope that I am a green tanguero, one who makes your mind and body better because I have danced with you in a way that has bettered your health and happiness. Entonces, ¡hasta el momento que estemos 90 años de edad, te espero mucho salud y felicidad, para que pudiéramos bailar hasta estuviéramos 100 años de edad y mas!


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