Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vitamin T

This is not a drug.

This is Vitamin T that you savor on your tongue, like no other vitamin.

Vitamin T is a complex vitamin, like "B complex."  Vitamin B complex includes 8 elements.  Vitamin T includes many more, but the basic three soul-nutrients are:
  • A warm hug,
  • The joy of bodily movement in dance, and
  • The power of music to move one's soul. 
Take daily.  Even while cooking or going for a walk.  For an enhanced effect, take it with a partner.
Multiply its efficacy with a partner is further enhanced ten-fold by taking it with a friendly community of "T-Totalers*.

Love your family, do your work and then make friends that take Vitamin T. 

FDA Warnings:
Some call Vitamin T complex a drug.  But since pharmaceutical companies cannot make any money on this nutrient of the soul, it has been classified as a vitamin.   If it were a drug, one day when you have a moment of trouble with your dancing, a plateau in your progress, a breakup with a tango partner, or perhaps a moment of being "fed up" with a particular gossipy group, perhaps you just might walk away from a very wonderful thing, this thing called "tango."  And you just might call this avoidance of something not Vitamin T a "cure" from a terrible addiction to Vitamin T.  After all, everyone said T was addicting, and you told yourself that for years.

But you were not cured.
You were not addicted.  Can someone be cured from the warm hug?  The joy of dance movement? The power of music to move one's soul?  That was not a cure.  It was a tragic end to a connection to something that touched the very center of your humanity.  

Stop calling T-complex an addictive drug!  You can "detox" from gossipy groups.  You can work harder to break the talent plateau, but you cannot detox from a soul-nutrient.

Take your vitamins.

Don't forget T.  It is not that complex.

*Forgive the pun on Teatotaler.

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