Wednesday, May 8, 2019

When will the Tango Teacher Disappear?

Get ready!
If you love a subject and you are ready, the teacher will appear-- or so goes the saying.  But it's just not that easy. Most find that there is more to it. So...

Get set!
As a student, you will find teachers who will demotivate you or attempt to distract you from the good path you were on. Maybe you had a wonderful embrace or amazing walk that a new teacher has now "disassembled."  Now your latent talent must be recovered.  So the "get set"phase may slow your greatest desires.  It's just the fact in any human endeavor of learning that teachers can be a student's biggest obstacle.  On the other hand, if you have a lot to give as a teacher, many students will appear who will not be able to hear or find what you have to give.  It will all be worth it when the right student or the right teacher appears.

If you stick with it, the student will find the teacher and the teacher will find the student. Then one thing remains.  When will it be time to disappear from one another, the student from the teacher and teacher from the student?

Lao Tzu answers this question in his wisdom for both teacher and disciple:

I have been blessed with a few great teachers. Good teachers are experts in graceful movements. Great teachers lead you to find your inner, latent abilities.  Nearly every homo sapien on the planet has the inner dancer somewhere inside of them.  Latent ability is not "taught" but "uncovered." No teacher can help you to dance if you just want to gain another movement.

Can I offer my services as a teacher?
No. I am not a tango teacher. Never wanted to be one. But I have found my teachers over and over.  And I am blessed that they keep reappearing when I am ready.

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  1. Carlos Gavito once said in one of the volumes of Un Tal Gavito; (paraphrased)... In tango, there is no maestro only an advance student teaching what he/ she has learned to a student of less experience ( in Tango)


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