Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tonight will be my last ever milonga . . .

This is what she says each time she goes dancing:

"Tonight will be my last ever milonga."

But she says it with a smile.  She makes the most of each "last time" she has in a joyous way.

She practices for the true last time that surely will come sooner or later--not as a sad reminder that there is in all things always the very last time, but that she may be aware and simply to show up fully.  She's not on her phone.  She's not just chattering loudly next to the dancers. She is present, catching the eyes of others who want to dance too. She's aware. She's there.

Someday you too may say this silently to yourself as you near the milonga's door and hear a familiar tango playing. It may help you to be more present. Or perhaps the day will come, and it will be your or my last milonga, and perhaps we tragically will not have realized it.  So let's practice the precious value of each milonga!

As for me, my life of dancing tango cannot disappear if I truly had my last milonga tonight. In being present, I think, I have internalized the milonga:  Friends, warmth, sharing, the joy of movement and the love of music--all continue.

Dance has invigorated my life and, and increased my resiliency to the ups and downs of daily living. Tango has brought me friends from all over the world, and I met my life partner dancing in Europe. The sense of flow and mindful attention of dance has led me to things off the milonga dance floor too, such as meditation and tai chi.

So I agree with the perspective of thinking that tonight will be my last ever milonga. And so be it! The milonga is in me.  But let me savor my last dance too. 

I'll leave my mobile phone in the car.

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