Wednesday, June 13, 2018

We are a fantastic dancer!

She and I are both percussionists. It may be one of the reasons I love dancing with her. Without exception, she reminds me of our drummer bond, our connection through rhythm awareness.

She needn't remind me!  I know.

Yesterday, after a particularly fun tango, we pause between songs in the tanda and she says, "That was so much fun! You are a fantastic dancer."

Pensively I suggest: "We are fantastic dancers when we dance together."

She counters. . .
"We are a fantastic dancer!"

What a great insight into what tango is all about! Although I really do enjoy positive feedback about my dancing, I find it a bit perplexing that I so often hear a dance partner's self-dismissive responses to my praise.  "I just follow what you lead," I often hear. What is Yin without Yang? What are the stars without the backdrop of the stillness of night? What is an embrace without open arms?  It is up to both heads to listen to the music, both pairs of legs, both bodies to respond to the music meaningfully. It takes two hearts to listen to one another.

"We are a fantastic dancer," says it best.

Thanks, Stephanie!

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Photo credit:
Tango Embrace by Alan Kirkland-Roath

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