Saturday, December 24, 2011

When a Tanguero Falls in Love

The Harbor

When I discovered the harbor ofyour heart,
It was after a long voyage fromacross the ocean,
I did not know I was even gettingclose to discovering you
Until I first spotted gulls thatguided me
To the continent of yourcharacter.

I saw your smile, a waterfall onyour coastline,
And the sound of its soothingpower
Was the first time I heard yourvoice.
On I sailed and I saw the curvesof your mountains,
The flowing rivers of your longhair.

Suddenly a breath-robbing viewovertook me –
Your harbor, your heart.
I felt immediately safe there.
I could see your harbor had nohidden shoals,
No murky waters and unknowndangers.

Your harbor is clear.
I can see to the bottom.
I am hypnotized by theplayfulness
Of the dolphins that play inthe waters of your soul.
I see that they are youryouthful spontaneity.

Your harbor lulls me with waves of hope.
Your harbor is my place of refuge,
A weary vagabond sailor on aship,
Once a captain, but now alone, afloat,
With tattered sails and no crew.

When I discovered the harbor ofyou heart,
I watched in wonder, and thenimpulsively,
I dove into the waters of yoursoul,
And played with the dolphins.
I was not a Cortez who came toconquer a continent.

Your continent, waterfalls,terrain, rivers, clear waters –
And especially your harbor –conquered me.

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