Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovers at First Sound (poem)

Lovers at First Sound

Two vistors at the milonga
Sit at the tables, just to watch.
Their eyes follow a dancing couple,
And whisper,
"Certainly they are lovers.
The way they look at each other
In silence and nod;
How without a word
She follows him out to dance."

He leads her by the hand in silence.
They share a knowing, silent stare.

They come closer and lean together,
Connecting, heart to heart as lovers do.

Watching each others' hands,
They connect as if it were their ritual.

A new phrase in the music suddenly becomes
The movement of two who have become one. 

"Certainly these two are lovers.
Surely, they have danced for years.
Look how their legs entwine,
Their passion!"
The two visitors whisper.

The couple dances a silent conversation, not a word,
They paint a masterpiece of love on the wooden floor,
A mural of their lives together, their passion.
How many times did they practice that --
The perfectly punctuated movements to the the music?

"Surely that must be their favorite song,
Danced a thousand times," she whispers.

And then suddenly -- or so it seems to the visitors –
The dancers stop. . .magically stop with the music.
He leads the third vistor, his dance partner, to her chair.
And the others overhear him say:
 "I so enjoyed dancing with you,
  I hope we can dance again tonight
  and anytime you might come to town!"

"But certainly they were lovers!"
Those watching silently wonder.

And yes,
They were lovers.
For that moment.
For that tango.
Lovers at first sound.

This is a revised poem that originally appeared in November 3, 2009 as my first tango poem on Tango-Beat, titled "The Three Guests."

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