Monday, March 8, 2010

A Tango Wake

Instruction for a tanguero's death:

When I die, give me a tango wake.

Play tanda-sets like this: 2 milongas, a tango, 2 milongas, a vals and then repeat until all sorrow leaves you. Play Biaggi,
Di Sarli and some Gotan Project. No Piazzola.

Who to Invite
First of all invite all those who have greeted me with an embrace me, both men and women who are part of tango communities in the US, Germany and France.

At the top of the list are those fine tangueras who would meet with me and practice with me in our love of tango. My condolences to these tangueras if they felt that I loved tango more than them.  Sorry.  It is just that women have come and gone in my life, but la música y el tango se queda a mi lado.  (I hope they'll forgive me.)

Then I want to extend a special invitation to my enemies because they (a) have been my best mentors, helping me to become a better person; (b) they will be so happy that I am dead that it certainly will liven the party to have them there celebrating! Perhaps they can experience a community that is more loving and open than the church they go to. The tango community isn't perfect, but I do not know hate or disdain like I have seen in churchs my enemies attend.

Finally on the "who-to-invite-list": I will leave some money for professional mourners (all women) in red stilettos, hysterically feigning their great loss; so that my friends can dance uninhibited because at least SOMEONE is crying.

This will be harder, but please try:
Please everyone try to dance in close embrace. It will signify that you recognize that the people you dance with may be no longer with you tomorrow; so embrace them closely while you can.

Do not cry for me Argentina
I will be in heaven dancing with the angels.

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